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About Stephen Boone Montana Guitar Maker

The mission is simple. "Work to a standard of excellence every day". If I can live up to that standard in all of my work then you will be happy with your guitar. Period.

Stephen Boone Guitar Maker





I make classical guitars for players. I feel like my guitars should help a player feel better, practice better, play better, and perform better. I am proud to make guitars that are special and have an allure that make them hard to put down. I have made many guitars and they each have their own voice. Eventually they all find their way home to a player that fits as a partner.


"For me there is no greater professional thrill than seeing and hearing one of my guitars being played on stage. While I can take no credit for the performance, I sense the part that I played in crafting an instrument that provides the artist with a means that allows for an expression of love and passion for the music.



I have several guitar making related videos on my You Tube channel.


Here are two videos featuring Joshua Hurt and one of my cedar top guitars!