About Stephen Boone, Montana Guitar Maker

Stephen Boone Guitar Maker

I am originally from Alabama. I spent most of my youth in Montgomery and graduated from Jefferson Davis High School in 1986. I joined the Marines in my junior year of high school and shipped off to Paris Island for recruit training three days after earning my diploma. I love the Marine Corps. It remains the best and most satisfying job I ever had. I served in the infantry with the designation 0341-mortars. I left the Marines in 1992 to get married to Gwen, my bride. Together, over the course of time we found ourselves in Montana since 2004. I have been making guitars and other musical instruments for over 10 years now supported by Gwen and my nearly grown children whom I adore.

"For me there is no greater professional thrill than seeing and hearing one of my guitars being played on stage. While I can take no credit for the performance, I sense the part that I played in crafting an instrument that provides the artist with a means that allows for an expression of love and passion for the music.


Below are a few images of my guitars and my shop. For more images please see the Guitar Construction page.

I have several guitar making related videos on my You Tube channel.


Here are two videos featuring Joshua Hurt and one of my cedar top guitars!