Guitar construction from start to finish is not linear. Things tend to jump around a bit. I have tried to organize these images of the process in a reasonable manner according to a straight timeline. If things are unclear please contact me with your questions. The images are organized into seven slide show galleries. Some of the images have captions.

Guitar Materials selection, guitar top construction, guitar neck construction, rosette.

Guitar neck construction.

The Spanish heel shown is from a classical guitar. The slotted headstock shown is from one of my electric guitars that I made with a slotted head stock. The method is the same, I just did not photograph the process on a classical or Spanish style guitar.

Making the guitar top, bending and fitting the guitar sides, mounting the top, sides, and neck to the Solera.

Making the guitar back and closing the box.

Guitar purflings and bindings.

Gluing the guitar fret board and carving the guitar neck.

Making the guitar bridge and stringing up for the first time.

At this point the guitar is constructed and playable but unfinished. I use a French polish of shellac to finish my guitars. Photos of this process would not be able to convey the process accurately. I may try to do so in the future.